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Friday, February 17, 2006

Eleanor Roosevelt Rabbit

Eleanor's relaxing in the rabbitat after dinner. Much as she loves Charlie, she relishes her time alone when he gets confined to his own room to eat. (She had to get used to it at first because she'd been in the habit of finishing off his food. She's allowed as how, though, she likes her more swelt figure since she's only eating for one.)

Eleanor's a rescued rabbit, picked out as companion by Charlie who's half her size. She wasn't too sure about him to begin with—his attention was kind of annoying—but she likes the accommodations and when no one's watching she cuddles with Charlie. She's been peeved though since Topsy came and got part of her space. I can't get them to make friends; they've never been together without the fur flying.

Eleanor tends not to make up to visitors and even I have to catch her to pick her up, but once captured she's more than willing to be petted and coddled. It may be that she takes her illustrious name too seriously. These days she's using her political acumen to try to convince her cousin Archie (a beagle-dachshund) who's running for mayor of Elgin, TX to adopt a "furry creature friendly" platform. He's resisting because that would include cats. Though he emails Eleanor regularly, he was none to happy when he met her in person [in the flesh perhaps?] to discover she was a rabbit. Not as bad as a cat, but.... At home he has to put up with a chicken that's moved into his yard. Eleanor tells him she understands the chicken-in-the-yard problem; she's had to put up with cats and possums in her yard on occasion. Posted by Picasa


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