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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Ads

I never watch the Superbowl and don’t care about the score but am interested in the ads. This year my sister says the Olympic ads are even better. I do watch the Olympics and I’ve certainly got my favorites:

  1. Prairie dogs on vacation. The scene is an endless prairie—the kind so flat and wide it made early Norwegian settlers sea sick. Prairie dogs emerge from their holes around a big new SUV. They can get into anything and are soon investigating inside—one appears on the TV screen—and jumps right out into the front seat. They pop up, scurry around, collapse the bucket seats as if testing how easy the process. The camera catches their every expression—you’ll consider a trip to the SPCA. Might they have prairie dogs to adopt? Suddenly the little creatures leave, pop back down their holes, and as the voiceover suggests that “every large family will want one” the earth begins to boil and the SUV sinks down to prairie dog world.
  2. Baby boomers skating. A couple on the couch in front of the TV watching pairs figure skating. A twinkle in her eye, she puts her hand on her husband’s arm and they rush to the car, drive to a rural skating pond and park by a metal shed. They dance on the ice, without the grace of Olympians but with love and fun in their eyes. An ambitious move. He falls and slides up against the shed. Laughs. Assures her he’s just fine. But he’s not the one in danger. An avalanche of snow falls off the roof of the shed crushing their car. Camera pans to her face as it moves—slowly and gracefully—from delight to dismay. The voiceover assures you you can get a new car when yours is totaled.
  3. The Magic Fridge. Guys are stocking up on beer, just closing the door on a beerfridgeful. Will we have enough? Yes, look what I’ve done! He pushes a button and the wall turns on an axel, an ordinary table and lamp appearing in its place. Camera pans to the left—through the wall. More guys clamoring to open the fridge that appears. Yey! The Magic Fridge is back. They remove the beer as fast as they can until the wall turns again. Down on their knees, bowing as they chant “magicfridge, magicfridge, maficfridge".


Blogger Wayne Scott said...

You should link to the actual videos.
I found the
magic fridge
, but I didn't have enough info to find the others.

2/15/2006 10:50:00 AM  

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