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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What year is this?

Looking at all my pictures in Picassa this morning—I finally replaced a bad video card and can see pictures again—I noted these from...would you believe 1903? This depot, in Elgin, TX, was indeed built in 1903, but the pictures come from 2003 when the Depot, now a museum, celebrated its centerary. The woman is my sister—we stayed up all night making the dress with mouton chop sleeves.

There were large numbers of people dressed for the occasion. I turned some pictures into paintings—makes it easier to believe it's 1903 if you don't see the details.

I love railroad car picture (I cropped the pictures so you can't see the modern shoes). Railroad cars just haven't changed. The names of the railroads may have changed and if you look closely you might see that this car was built in 1990, but it could be 1903.

There was an exhibition of old cars in the parking lot the day of the celebration. Those cars break the illusion of 1903, of course, but still look pretty authentic parked by the old depot as they would have been when folks picked up visiting relatives at the depot.

Check out my sister's blog on the Elgin Depot Museum:
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