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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Partisan's Daughter by Louis de Bernières

Good but not great book. Not as good as other de Bernières books. A 40-year-old man stops for what he thinks is a prostitute. Turns out to be a young woman from Yugoslavia (whose father was a partisan during the war) whom he subsequently visits over a considerable time. He's unhappily married to the "white lump" and visits Rosa frequently thereafter in the run down flat where she pays rent in the name of an old tenant. She serves him tea and tells him stories of her life. Gradually he falls seriously in love, though he's too afraid to tell her so or make an advance. One disastrous night ends the possibilities. She leaves. He never sees her again, but tells the story in his old age when he discloses her last message making it clear that she too loved him.


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